ESG Focus

Samara Capital Group’s approach to responsible investment is based on our vision to maximize investment returns while enhancing long-term, sustainable performance of our portfolio companies, and thereby build value for all stakeholders, especially the communities we are part of. We have developed an Environmental Social Governance (“ESG”) policy and have established a functional Social and Environmental Management System (SEMS) with a view to identifying the environment and social risks, mitigate through implementing appropriate measures, monitor compliances and adherence to industry best practices, and focus on ESG.


ESG management at Samara Capital seeks to:


with managements to maximize our investment returns and lower our risk


SEMS policy periodically


Internal goals and KPIs for monitoring and reporting of ESG performance of portfolio companies


ESG management system by providing training to the investment team


Periodic independent ESG review of the portfolio companies


External support for detailed ESG support for portfolio companies